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The F2M Group offers a permanent presence in the Maghreb through its five subsidiaries in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia:

F2M Morocco :MCSM - MDP
F2M Algeria :SPPF
F2M Tunisia :EMSD - SEMP


F2M was created in 2010, Joint venture between FOURNIER Group and MCS International, in order to develop our business in North Africa.

In 2012 20.000 tons of commodities and 8000 tons of engineering plastics has been delivered. F2M are a leading distributor in North Africa , selling a wide range of polymers dedicated to the Automotive industry , transportation, Appliance, E&E market , sport and leisure …

F2M group is a preferred partner of large worldwide players such as : SABIC IP, RADICIPLASTICS, EXXONMOBIL CHEMICAL, LG, CABOPOL, EQUATE, GESTORA, POLYONE, CABOT...

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