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1921 Creation of the FOURNIER Group, chemical distributor for dry cleaning shop in Lyon, by Alfred Fournier, great-grandfather of the current president Stéphane Fournier.   2002 Certification to the standard of quality ISO 9001/2000 for :
FOURNIER Thermoplastics - RadiciPlastics France.
1950 Creation of the "Hygienic" Division of FOURNIER Group, a leader in Rhone-Alpes and PACA in the distribution of products and cleaning materials for communities, industries, cleaning Companies, hotels and restaurants.   2008 Creating F2M Group, a joint venture with the International MCS Group to strengthen the Group's business in Maghreb.
1972 Creation of the Division "Thermoplastics" and "Composite Materials". Distribution in France of plastic raw materials and raw materials for the composites industry.   2016 Aquisition of Prime Polymers, based in Benelux.
1989 Creation of RadiciPlastics France, joint-venture with the Italian Radici Group, a European leader in the production and distribution of polyamides.
  2019 Creation of FOURNIER POLYMERS. The group FOURNIER, official polymers distributor of EXXONMOBIL CHEMICAL, extends its activity in Europe (Spain, Portugal, France, Benelux, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom) to become one of the leader of the sector, offering a wide range solutions for transformers of plastic raw materials.

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